Empowering the adaptive, intelligent enterprise™ 

We help enterprises unlock the value of their legacy mission-critical systems to empower business innovation with three strategic priorities: 

1.   Delivering real-time, Business Ready Data

2.   Simplifying complex IT environments
3.   Enabling sustained adaptability

You may know us as GT Software, but wait until you get to know us as Adaptigent!

We help you unlock the value of your legacy systems to deliver business-ready data from virtually any source to any application, seamlessly and without the burden of code. But what happened to Ivory? Don’t worry – it’s at the core of our Adaptive Integration Fabric.

Embracing change

We live in a complex world, and your IT systems reflect that complexity.

After years, even decades of evolution, market changes, technology shifts, consolidation, CIOs and CTOs are left with a level of systems complexity that can cut off the lifeline for future innovation.

But it doesn’t have to be that way…

Achieve Sustained Adaptability

Your business needs are continually changing as the needs of your customers and the market change. You must be able to get ahead of the curve and use change as a competitive weapon.

Deliver Business Ready Data

Even modern IT organizations house mission-critical data sources obscured behind walls of proprietary code often unfamiliar to internal teams. Fortunately, we can ensure that all data is Business Ready Data.

Enable a Real-Time World

Real-time access is the new normal. Your customers demand it. Traditional approaches to integration — data replication, batch processing and file transfers — are no longer getting it done.

The no-code revolution

We provide a visual, no code, drag-and-drop environment to create and maintain even the most complex integrations.

Many make “no code” claims, but very few truly deliver on that promise. We leverage our decades of experience with a laser focus on legacy technology to deliver solutions that unlock your core systems without writing a single line of code.


Solving your legacy crisis

We have developed a core integration, orchestration, and automation platform designed to intelligently connect your legacy systems to modern distributed environments. It creates a dynamic layer that allows modern applications to access the full potential of the data and transactions trapped in your legacy systems.

Companies like these use Adaptigent to leverage their mainframe investment

Our Latest Thinking

The Future of your Mainframe

You’ve spent decades building a sophisticated environment that is the backbone of your business. Now it’s time to empower that environment to drive innovation and intelligently adapt to changing market conditions.

“Let’s build the future together.”

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