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Finance and Banking

Consumer demands are high on banks these days. Everyone expects convenience but with disparate legacy systems, IT departments struggle to deliver on these complex integrations. Enter, Adaptive Integration Fabric; we have helped several world-class banks solve modern issues and deliver unique solutions in a fraction of the time it would have taken them on their own.

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Adaptigent's Products


Insurers are facing perhaps their most disruptive period in recent history; Increased customer demand and technological innovations have created a vast amount of data and applications that need to be processed, analyzed, and shared across multiple systems. Now more than ever, insurers need an interconnected IT ecosystem – from core systems to the edge.

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Transportation and Automotive

The transportation industry is highly competitive, and customers are demanding a better buying and user experience. Many transportation automotive companies have turned to Adaptigent to help them create unique user experiences that separate them from their competition and aid customers throughout their lifecycles.

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Bob Eustace

Manufacturing and Industrial

Technology is not traditionally a strong suit for many manufacturing companies; to make it more difficult, creating an efficient technology-led system is traditionally tough due to the partner ecosystem that most manufacturers operate with. Enter Adaptive Integration Fabric, we have helped numerous companies link inventory, transportation, and parts systems to ensure that you always have a clear view of your business in real-time.

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Technology has changed every industry and the demand for government agencies to keep up with the rapid pace is growing. While technology has been used in government systems for decades now, the trend of modernizing these infrastructures can mean massive investment in recent technologies… OR you can look to Adaptigent to help you take advantage of those past investments by connecting the old with the new.

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