Manufacturing API Integrations

Seamlessly connect your supply chain for more efficiency

Technology is not traditionally a strong suit for many manufacturing companies. To make it more difficult, creating an efficient technology-led system is traditionally tough due to the partner ecosystem that most manufacturers operate with. Enter Adaptive Integration Fabric, we have helped numerous companies link inventory, transportation and parts systems to ensure that you always have a clear view of your business in real-time.

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Common Challenges

Access to real-time information is critical for most companies these days. Knowing where your goods are and when they will arrive is critical to an efficient business model that is always working. Adaptigent has been the cornerstone technology for supply chain management for decades.

No matter where your need lies in your eco-system, Adaptigent can help you gain control and get a real-time view of your business. We have worked with some of the world’s largest manufacturers and consumer goods companies and saved them millions of dollars by creating systems that integrate information from core systems as well as third-party applications.

360 Customer View

Supply Chain Visibility

Process Automation

Mergers & Acquisitions

Core System Integration

Customer Experience

Mobile / Web Enablement

Key Solutions

Linking real-time inventory and parts systems to key endpoints

Real-Time access to sales, inventory and ordering systems for partners

Integration of transportation systems to warehouse systems for real time updates

Third party warehouse integrations

Real-Time tracking and routing for Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Core systems integration is critical to streamlining your business processes and operating most efficiently.

Adaptive Integration Fabric lets you connect your warehousing, distribution, and manufacturing systems in real-time to gain better insights into your operations and make more informed business decisions.

Fabric helps you remain competitive in a rapidly changing industry, where agility and responsiveness are critical. Our clients have demonstrable success reducing operational costs, increasing efficiency, and improving their bottom line.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the same as an Enterprise Service Bus?

Fabric is not an ESB nor does it replace the functionality of an ESB; however, it extends and enhances it. Typically, ESB vendors have a mainframe connector, usually lacking in functionality, which can require significant programming; Fabric provides a no-code drag-and-drop interface for building simple to complex APIs (application programming interfaces) from any CICS or IMS programs or transactions as a REST or SOAP API. These APIs can be easily consumable by an ESB without the need for coding and includes requests for data or utilizing the 3270 layers of an application.

What technology do you integrate with?

We integrate with several different technologies. And our solution allows you to create more integrations. We are not limited to any core system, as our solution can build new connectors easily. While we historically have integrated well with mainframe technologies, we also connect cloud-based systems.

We can do all of this by ourselves, why do we need you?

With time and money, anything is possible. Our customers contract with us to decrease time to market and reduce risk. Our software allows companies to move faster by reusing programs and simplifying the building of complex API solutions. We reduce risk because the visual design of our programs makes it easy to troubleshoot programs and modify them in the future.

We are in the process of shutting down our mainframe, why do we need Adaptigent?

We talk to a lot of customers doing the same thing and can help you dramatically reduce the risk. We see common strategies that involve buying a package, using a code conversation tool, or even re-writing the code entirely; our toolset lets you stage a full or partial migration for all of these approaches. It allows you to migrate at your speed vs. all at once while providing cost savings during the migration process by reducing MIPS. No partial migration is effective without a solution that does both inbound and outbound APIs; we've got you covered here as well.

Do you support SOAP or REST APIs?

We support both SOAP and REST calls and can consume other pre-built API’s such as SAP, Salesforce, and others.

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Leading luxury sports car manufacturer


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