Enterprise Data Integration

Enterprise Data Integration

Enable direct access to your core system data regardless of source or format.

Fabric Data Hub, formerly ViaSQL, enables powerful data extraction from complex sources through standard SQL queries. Say goodbye to complex and time-consuming legacy data management practices.

Rapid development

Adaptigent’s Fabric Data Hub enables direct access to all your system databases, allowing teams to seamlessly manage enterprise data. The powerful platform opens bi-directional access to both mainframe and distributed data sources, enabling rapid web and cloud application development.

Direct access without coding

With Fabric Data Hub, you can directly access mainframe data using ODBC or JDBC. The native read/write conversion functions allows you to access both relational and non-relational databases with SQL queries. As a result, your teams don’t need to know how to code or program mainframe databases.

Bidirectional mainframe data access

Fabric Data Hub also makes outbound calls from legacy applications by providing COBOL and PL/I access to distributed data sources. It allows for true bi-directional data access from the mainframe without the need to modify any legacy system code. And, bidirectional synchronization reduces server loads, enabling faster access to multiple websites (1).

Bulk transfer capabilities

Fabric Data Hub allows you to move large amounts of data between the mainframe and relational databases. It eliminates the need for other expensive and complex Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) systems when copying mainframe data to modern data lakes and warehouses.

Combine direct and indirect data sources

When used along with Adaptive Integration Fabric, the Fabric Data Hub can combine direct and indirect data sources. This happens by creating workflows that pull data from mainframe applications as well as directly from data sources. This allows users to not only create highly efficient data extraction systems, but it also exposes data to modern systems such as REST or SOAP APIs.


(1) Vasil, E. Medium. Bidrectional Database synchronization. Accessed 28 June 2023

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Adaptigent’s Fabric Data Hub

Enterprise Data Integration

The Future of Enterprise Data Mangagement

It’s time to stop building data lakes and start building actionable data solutions. Get the information you need from any system; move it where you need it and when you need it.

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