Adaptive Integration Fabric Consumption- Based Pricing

Accelerate mainframe modernization with simple and flexible pricing based on your usage.

How our Subscription Helps You Modernize

How Our Subscription Helps You Modernize

Access All Features

Consumption-based pricing allows you to access all features of the application so that you can innovate as you need and not guess at which features you will use in the future. Only pay for how many calls it generates on the back end.

Optimize Your Budget

With consumption-based pricing, you only pay for what you use, aligning your costs with revenue generated or cost savings. Budgeting is easy because it is aligned with how you use the solution.

Start small, grow BIG

Start small and grow as your integration needs change. Try out new services to quickly adapt to changes while saving on costs as your consumption increases.

Solving the Integration Gap

How does the Subscription Work?

Flexible Pre-Pay or Post-Pay models

You have the option to pre-pay for transactions, lowering your cost based on planned volumes, or post-pay, and pay after you have consumed the volume on a quarterly basis. This allows you to not have to predict your usages in advance.

Volume-based discounts

Use more and pay less per transaction. Increasing your cost savings as you continue to modernize your business.

How to I true-up the volume?

Our tool automatically counts the calls and updates us with those counts on a regular basis. You can see your volume at any time via the dashboard.

Solving the Integration Gap

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