CICS for the Modern Age

by | Jun 22, 2016

Just six months ago in December 2015, CICS made its latest stable release debut (CICS V5.3), 47 years after its initial release. Despite its mature age, CICS, or the Customer Information Control System, is better than ever, according to Glenn Schneck, senior solutions engineer at GT Software who has been involved in the SHARE CICS Project since 1987.

SHARE’d Intelligence recently talked all things CICS with Schneck: Why you should choose it over the other environments an online application can run on, what makes it great and how it is about to shape the future of mainframe language systems.

“Although CICS is 47 years old, it’s definitely not a dinosaur. It’s a vibrant and evolving product that meets different needs for different organizations. There’s still some miscommunication about CICS since there are a bunch of misconceptions floating around that aren’t all 100 percent correct,” Schneck says.

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