Legacy Systems: Innovating in Uncertain Times

by | Apr 8, 2020

Over the last couple of months, nearly everyone’s plans have changed. Travel plans are canceled, kids are learning virtually from home, and the nation is urged to socially distance themselves from anyone not in their immediate household. No one could have predicted that a global pandemic would affect the world economy to the extent that it has this year, nor could they have planned for it.

Indeed, plans will continue to change as we respond to the evolving state of things. As companies face difficult decisions, how can they come out of this in the best shape possible? How do they continue innovating?

Interestingly, truly great companies are the ones who continue to innovate even during difficult times. These companies never take their focus off of their goals even though the speed or method by which they innovate may change.

In the following webinar, Dr. Alex Hueblein, Chief Revenue Officer of GT Software, introduces challenges that companies bound by their legacy systems face in uncertain times:

  • IT budgets are refocused on short-term initiatives vs long-term, capital-intensive projects
  • Legacy replacement initiatives are postponed due to slowing global growth
  • Layoffs leave companies with critical skill set shortages

Click here to watch the webinar.

As Dr. Hueblein explains how to make the most out of your current legacy systems today, join other great companies who continue innovating during difficult times.