Mashed Potatoes or Mashups

by | Nov 21, 2018

Thanksgiving is here, development teams are winding down and freezing their code, and thoughts are moving towards the holidays (turkey and mashed potatoes), not mashups. Interestingly enough, the two have more in common than you might think. The original Thanksgiving feast, and even the modern day feast, is a combination of whatever’s available, different ingredients, different cultures, all combined together to create something wonderful. Boiled potatoes are pretty bland, and you probably would never eat butter by itself, but when they are mashed together you get something tasty and delicious.

Mashups are being used more in business for integrating business applications and data into user-friendly browser interfaces. Just like the ingredients in mashed potatoes may not stand alone, business data without applications or logic may not be very valuable either. APIs are predominant in mashup applications as a means of delivering disparate application logic and data. The power of mashups is the ability to create fine grained data sets in an on demand fashion. Ivory Service Architect APIs/Web services provide that same capability of creating services with the right level of granularity (orchestration). Delivering the right information, easily and quickly will ensure the success of your mashup applications.

So as you’re enjoying your holiday feast, think about what you have in your organization that you could mash up using Ivory Service Architect from GT Software.


Don Spoerke is the Director of Product Evangelism at GT Software. He is a 25-year veteran in the enterprise modernization space. Don collaborates with an impressive list of FORTUNE companies to intelligently integrate legacy mainframe assets for new business application initiatives.