Mainframe Integration for Government Agencies

Experience Today’s Modern Government

The age of digital government is here – how does your agency stack up? Citizens have become accustomed to unbridled digital access in every aspect of their lives, from commerce to healthcare, so it’s no surprise that their expectations for government experiences are no different. Your agency is now tasked with meeting growing demands for self-service functionalities and remote workflows, like permitting, utilities and bill pay.And in order to support these modern services, your team cannot overlook factors including security, identity management and budget cost control.

While migrating to cloud services might seem like the easiest way to consolidate and optimize your district’s data, the key benefits that your agency currently has through its mainframe technology, like heightened security, could be lost.

What your team may not have realized is that there’s actually an alternate answer, one that avoids abandoning existing mainframe solutions in favor of a connected environment.

Experience Today’s Modern Government

Thanks to Adaptigent’s Adaptive Integration Fabric, mainframe integration can handle the complexity of your legacy environment to help fight unemployment fraud or to keep everything running business as usual during a unexpected surge in demand. Operating within a no-code, drag-and-drop environment, Fabric’s seamlessly integrates with today’s leading systems to provide the agility your IT team demands and the functionalities your end-users desire.

Government agencies like these trust Adaptigent to leverage their mainframe investment

Why Adaptive Integration Fabric?

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Our industry expertise is truly what sets us apart. Check out the Fabric case studies below and see for yourself.

How Can Fabric Help Your Agency?

Many government IT leaders understand the value of keeping their critical systems on the mainframe and building capabilities around it. Let us show you why so many state and local governments trust Ivory to handle the complexity of their ecosystem.