ACUCOBOL-GT Intrinsic Functionality Makes Migration to Fujitsu NetCOBOL for .NET Much Easier

GT Software, the distributor of Fujitsu NetCOBOL®, announces additions to the Fujitsu NetCOBOL capabilities for migrating ACUCOBOL-GT™ to NetCOBOL for .NET.  These new migration capabilities began with the spring 2016 release of NetCOBOL for .NET v7.0.  The most current release of NetCOBOL (v7.2) continues to provide capabilities to make the migration of existing ACUCOBOL-GT applications to NetCOBOL much easier for Micro Focus users.

For users looking to migrate, there are now a number of specific ACUCOBOL-GT intrinsics that work natively in NetCOBOL for .NET.  These additions mean less manual conversion of existing applications, allowing customers to quickly take advantage of a COBOL platform where they are not required to pay costly COBOL runtime fees.

In addition, GT Software’s partnership with Flexus means that existing AcuBench customers can use the Flexus SP2 tool for migrating graphically generated AcuBench applications.  This combination of reduced effort for migration along with no COBOL runtime fees for either NetCOBOL or Flexus components results in a strong ROI for current ACUCOBOL-GT customers who are looking for different options.

The number of specific ACUCOBOL-GT extensions which are now available with NetCOBOL for .NET include the following:

  • C$REGEXP – search a string with regular expressions
  • I$IO – native interface for indexed file operations
  • R$IO – native interface for relative file operations
  • S$IO – native interface for sequential file operations
  • ASCII2HEX – convert binary data from ASCII to hexadecimal
  • ASCII2OCTAL – convert binary data from ASCII to octal
  • HEX2ASCII – convert binary data from hexadecimal to ASCII
  • OCTAL2ASCII – convert binary data from octal to ASCII
  • C$CHDIR – changes the current directory
  • C$COPY – copies a file
  • C$DELETE – deletes a file
  • C$FILEINFO – gets information for a specified file
  • C$LIST_DIRECTORY – lists the contents of a selected directory
  • C$MAKEDIR – creates a new folder
  • C$SLEEP – temporarily suspends the execution of a program
  • C$TOUPPER – converts lowercase text to uppercase
  • C$TOLOWER – converts uppercase test to lowercase
  • C$F_ERRNO – returns the error codes of file operations
  • C$COBFA_ERRNO – gets the error number (cobfa errorno)
  • C$COBFA_STAT – gets the I-O status of a file operation
  • C$CALLEDBY – returns the file name of the program calling the currently executing program
  • C$MYFILE – returns the name of the library of execution file currently executing
  • C$RUN – calls other programs
  • C$SYSTEM – calls other programs

The COBOL migration process is offered as a conversion service and GT Software and Flexus welcome the opportunity of performing Proof of Concepts for customers interested in replacing ACUCOBOL-GT.  Please contact GT Software to learn more.

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