Trends show an increasing need for enterprise data integration to expedite business results

ATLANTA, August 17, 2023 — Adaptigent, a premier provider of API-based data connectivity solutions, announces a strategic addition to its leadership team, signaling a critical step in its dedication to adapt and innovate according to customer needs.

Dylan Purse, MBA, steps into the role of Vice President of Product and Marketing at Adaptigent. With a track record exceeding 25 years in software and B2B marketing, Purse specializes in guiding high-growth enterprises. His approach to leadership is deeply customer-centric, underscored by a vital skill set in critical thinking, root-cause analysis, and process improvement expertise.

“We are thrilled to have Dylan Purse join us. His professional background is in perfect alignment with our strategic commitments, and his expertise provides significant support to our customer base,” said Steve Lopez, Chief Executive Officer at Adaptigent.

Lopez continued, “As we forge ahead with innovation and broaden our service portfolio, we have full confidence that Dylan’s contributions will be instrumental in driving our future success. There is a growing understanding among companies that connecting existing core systems is both quicker and more cost-efficient than overhauling or migrating them. Our products are designed to address this need effectively.”



Adaptigent is a software technology company offering solutions to help businesses harness the power of APIs for innovation and growth. A global distributor of the Fujitsu NetCOBOL compiler, Adaptigent specializes in integrating core systems for improved business efficiency. More than 2,500 organizations globally trust Adaptigent solutions.

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