Unique New Product Has Been Shown to Increase Mainframe Performance and Lower Costs

ATLANTA – March 29, 2022 – Adaptigent, a leader in digital transformation and modernization, announces the launch of its newest product, Intelligent Caching. The Intelligent Caching engine is a distributed, in-memory data cache designed to reduce mainframe integration load and costs, while dramatically reducing API response times up to 50X for mission critical data and transaction calls.

Developed in response to customer’s concerns over rising mainframe activity and costs, this patented technology can pre-load highly cacheable data during periods when mainframe demand is relatively low, allowing customers to offload mainframe processing when demand is high. The Intelligent Caching engine also supports partial caching, in which a single API request has cacheable and non-cacheable data elements to it. The engine can pull data from the cache and combine it with live data to fulfil the API request. Users can expect to see a 10X-50X improvement in the response times of APIs that are calling cached data.  

 “Traditional caching engines use a naïve proxy cache that only caches the entire transaction, or none of it,” said Alex Heublein, President of Adaptigent.  “Our caching engine uses workflows that allows users to set caching policies for individual mainframe transactions. This adds a layer of intelligence that we haven’t seen yet in the marketplace.” 

 The company is currently testing Intelligent Caching with a group of early adopters and will move it to general availability later in the year. It joins the company’s flagship product, Adaptive Integration Fabric, as another Adaptigent solution that enables you to rapidly interface with difficult-to-access, mission-critical legacy data sources in a fraction of the time required by traditional methods, with a truly no-code, drag and drop interface. 

 About Adaptigent  

Adaptigent empowers organizations to unlock the full potential of their data rich legacy systems to deliver business-ready data from virtually any source to any application, even in the cloud. The company’s products help IT organizations provide real-time results utilizing a patented no-code, drag-and-drop environment. What used to take months or even years of coding can be done code-free in days or weeks, allowing you to keep up with the relentless pace of innovation your business demands. Built on a 35+ year history of digital transformation expertise, it is trusted by many of the world’s largest companies to accelerate their digital transformation efforts. 


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