Atlanta, GA: Today, GT Software announces the results of their annual mainframe modernization survey. Over 150 mainframe users responded to the online survey conducted in Q4 2019.


For decades, mainframe computers have operated in well-established organizations across the globe. Offering power, stability, and security as a single unit, mainframes play a unique role in the tech space. However, that role is changing.

While the actual hardware might be new, the technology behind the mainframe is over 70 years old. However, mainframes offer benefits that have kept the massive machines relevant to businesses throughout the decades. In fact, many companies’ mission-critical applications were born and raised on green screen technology.

Regardless, markets demand faster, more agile processes, and companies find it difficult to meet these demands. As businesses continue to modernize, more than just “mainframers” are getting involved in the IT architecture discussion. Now, board members and senior executives choose to join in on these critical decisions.


With the knowledge that industries on the mainframe need to innovate, GT Software’s survey seeks to measure the pace of legacy modernization.

Here are highlights from the results:

  • 54% of respondents say that cost reduction is a driver of modernization.
  • 58% of respondents are actively migrating some applications off the mainframe or are planning to do so in the future, while 16% are currently or planning to migrate all applications.
  • 59% of respondents are not satisfied with their company’s ability to keep up with API demand, and almost 55% believe their API development is not sufficient.
  • Upgrades and modifications to existing integrations and internal attitudes pose the two greatest challenges to modernization efforts.
  • 73% of respondents are currently experiencing mainframe API development backlog.
  • 87% of finance and banking respondents are not at all familiar with FedNow, and 77% are not at all familiar with PSD2.
  • 65% of finance and banking respondents say preparation for open banking is not at all important.

Based on survey results, GT Software expects the pace of legacy modernization to ramp up this year as more business leaders get involved in mainframe decision making. This is especially true for the finance and banking industries. In fact, the low awareness of the open banking movement happening now in Europe should improve over the next 12 months. For now, it is safe to say that the majority of modernization efforts involve keeping the mainframe around.

Click here to view the full survey results.

About GT Software

GT Software empowers many of the world’s largest banks—such as SunTrust, JP Morgan Chase, and Natixis—to accelerate their IT modernization efforts. By enabling companies to connect legacy mainframe assets with modern, cloud-based systems, GT removes a major roadblock for Fortune 1000 companies looking to elevate their customer experience. Pioneering the Open Banking movement in Europe and the US, GT Software allows mainframes to rapidly create inbound calls and call out. Now, legacy systems can perform functions such as real-time payment, fraud detection, KYC, and AML in real time. GT Software is proud to help lead innovation with their 35+ years of mainframe expertise.