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Efficiently create and maintain help systems

Improve Your 3270 Mainframe Document Distribution

ASSIST/TS enables users to deliver multiple types of document data to a 3270 mainframe application – not just text-based windows – improving their screen-level or field-level help systems support. The easy-to-use ASSIST/TS menu-driven interface will guide even the most non-technical end-user through the process of creating and maintaining help systems.

With limited training required, ASSIST/TS immediately increases productivity, as developers can now easily access and distribute information while adjusting/changing existing data to meet end-user needs.

Additionally, to help create a user-friendly help environment, the new ASSIST Web Help feature allows end-users to display ASSIST/TS library members from a browser, regardless of whether the application runs on the IBM Bridge or a custom-built application (Java, Java Script, HTML5, etc.).

Features of ASSIST/TS

  • Extend help screens and online manuals to a browser
  • Utilize existing help with new Web applications
  • Attach help windows to applications without changing application source code
  • Develop electronic/paperless documentation systems with security features
  • Present DB2 data to the 3270 terminal via SQL SELECT statement
  • Transfer information between applications
  • Build and maintain Electronic Referencing System at PC level and upload to the mainframe

Components of ASSIST/TS

  • ASSIST Web Help – Display your ASSIST/TS help documentation as HTML pages instead of green screens. The help displays will pop up in a new browser window
  • DOCM/TS – The quickest way to provide softcopy manuals to your end-users
  • MENU/TS – Create menus of help screens to list available online manuals or reference panels
  • TUTOR/TS – An online referencing system that has the power to know what the user is doing and anticipate user needs.
ASSIST/TS Brochure

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ASSIST/TS allows enterprises to provide screen or field-level help screens to 3270 applications without generating new code or executing code changes. It is easy to configure and use, and it enables the replacement of outdated and inflexible help systems.

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