Efficiently create and maintain help systems

Improve Your Document Distribution

ASSIST/TS enables users to deliver multiple types of document data to a 3270 mainframe application – not just text based windows – improving their screen-level or field-level help systems support. The easy-to-use ASSIST/TS menu-driven interface will guide even the most non-technical end-user through the process of creating and maintaining help systems.

With limited training required, ASSIST/TS immediately increases productivity, as developers can now easily access and distribute information while adjusting/changing existing data to meet end-user needs.

Additionally, to help create a user-friendly help environment, the new ASSIST Web Help feature allows end-users to display ASSIST/TS library members from a browser, regardless of whether the application runs on the IBM Bridge or custom-built application (Java, Java Script, HTML5, etc.).

Features of ASSIST/TS

  • Extend help screens and online manuals to a browser
  • Utilize existing help with new Web applications
  • Attach help windows to applications without changing application source code
  • Develop electronic/paperless documentation systems with security features
  • Present DB2 data to the 3270 terminal via SQL SELECT statement
  • Transfer information between applications
  • Build and maintain Electronic Referencing System at PC level and upload to the mainframe

Components of ASSIST/TS

  • ASSIST Web Help – Display your ASSIST/TS help documentation as HTML pages instead of green screens. The help displays will pop up in a new browser window
  • DOCM/TS – The quickest way to provide softcopy manuals to your end-users
  • MENU/TS – Create menus of help screens to list available online manuals or reference panels
  • TUTOR/TS – An online referencing system that has the power to know what the user is doing and anticipate user needs.

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