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BMS/TS Ivory by Adaptigent

Enhance Your CICS BMS Map Creation Experience

Ivory BMS/TS, the latest and most powerful screen generator for CICS and Transaction Server, produces, edits, and maintains 3270 “green screens” (BMS maps) for mainframe-based applications.

Ivory BMS/TS provides a “big picture” analysis and view of a system’s screens, and clearly maps the flow between databases and applications. This greatly simplifies the process of editing and maintaining screens. BMS/TS’ feature set allow users to benefit from enhanced screen development and maintenance capabilities, including HTML and XML output directly from their BMS map.

The robust nature of Ivory BMS/TS assures full-featured development and maintenance capabilities, allowing legacy systems to better serve users across the entire enterprise as well as develop online help and tutorials for end-user support. In addition, Ivory BMS/TS adds the ADS specifications for HTML or XML to BMS maps, allowing them to be used with the 3270 Bridge.

BMS/TS Ivory Software Features

  • WYSIWYG, online “painting,” makes creating and editing maps easy
  • Easier mapping between applications, databases, and browsers
  • Double byte character support for international use
  • Generate CICS controlled and user controlled templates
  • Testing capabilities for real-time feedback
  • Tools for online help and tutorials
  • Customized rules engine capabilities
  • Import facilities for non-BMS/TS produced maps (i.e. SDF, SDF2, MAPGEN)
BMS mapping made easy

Learn More about the BMS Studio

BMS/TS is an online CICS MAPSET/MAP design and management system that uses online CICS transaction design to test and implement BMS maps. It includes functions and facilities that customers will find useful as they increase efficiency and productivity.

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