Easily develop and maintain your BMS maps

Enhance your BMS map creation experience

Ivory BMS/TS, the latest and most powerful screen generator for CICS and Transaction Server, produces, edits, and maintains 3270 “green screens” (BMS maps) for mainframe-based applications.

Ivory BMS/TS provides a “big picture” analysis and view of a system’s screens, and clearly maps the flow between databases and applications. This greatly simplifies the process of editing and maintaining screens. BMS/TS’ feature set allow users to benefit from enhanced screen development and maintenance capabilities, including HTML and XML output directly from their BMS map.

The robust nature of Ivory BMS/TS assures full-featured development and maintenance capabilities, allowing legacy systems to better serve users across the entire enterprise as well as develop online help and tutorials for end-user support. In addition, Ivory BMS/TS adds the ADS specifications for HTML or XML to BMS maps, allowing them to be used with the 3270 Bridge.

BMS/TS Features

  • WYSIWYG, online “painting,” makes creating and editing maps easy
  • Easier mapping between applications, databases, and browsers
  • Double byte character support for international use
  • Generate CICS controlled and user controlled templates
  • Testing capabilities for real-time feedback
  • Tools for online help and tutorials
  • Customized rules engine capabilities
  • Import facilities for non-BMS/TS produced maps (i.e. SDF, SDF2, MAPGEN)

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