NetCOBOL for Solaris

NetCOBOL® for Solaris is a complete COBOL development suite for SPARC Architecture workstations.

Compile COBOL for Solaris

Fujitsu NetCOBOL® for Solaris is a complete COBOL development suite – compiler, runtime libraries and debug tool. The highly optimized code produced by NetCOBOL provides the basis for fast, mission-critical business systems on SPARC (Solaris) Architecture workstations.

Eliminate COBOL Runtime Fees for Good

With NetCOBOL for Solaris, there is no additional charge for distributing applications created using NetCOBOL. By removing runtime fees for good, it’s possible to drastically cut cost and eliminate administrative headaches.

Benefits of NetCOBOL for Solaris

• No COBOL runtime license fees
• Takes advantage of extensive multi-vendor database support (SQL access to Oracle and Sybase)
• Maintains compatibility with existing code based on support for popular vendor extensions (IBM and Micro Focus)
• Preserve compliance with ANSI and ISO standards
• Full COBOL85 syntax
• Verified support of Oracle and Pro*COBOL
• Creates Web applications using either CGI or SAF subroutines
• Supports Unicode data
• Supports 64-bit file access for large files under Solaris

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