API Enabling Your Mainframe with Adaptigent

Learn how Adaptive Integration Fabric and Ivory Service Architect can API enable your mainframe and why it is the most complete solution for mainframe integration.

What is Mainframe Integration Software?

Mainframe integration software refers to a category of software tools and solutions that enable different applications and systems to seamlessly interact with mainframe computers. Mainframe integration software helps to bridge the gap between the legacy systems running on mainframe computers and the modern, distributed systems that are prevalent in today’s IT landscape.

The main goal of mainframe integration software is to facilitate the integration of mainframe systems with other systems and applications, regardless of their programming languages or platforms. This can involve integrating mainframe applications with web applications, mobile applications, cloud-based services, and other modern technologies.

Mainframe integration software typically provides a range of functionalities, including data integration, transaction processing, application integration, and messaging. It may also offer features such as security, reliability, scalability, and performance optimization to ensure that mainframe systems can operate effectively in modern IT environments.

Overall, mainframe integration software is critical for organizations that rely on mainframe systems to run their business operations and need to integrate these systems with modern technologies to stay competitive and meet changing business requirements.