Video Collection: The Real Culprit Slowing Down Bank Innovation

Learn how Adaptigent is shaping the future of fintech and digital banking

Why Mindset Matters in Digital Transformation

At the recent Fintech South event, we spoke about digital transformation in the financial industry and the number one culprit for slow innovation. 

The Real Culprit Slowing Down Bank Innovation Is Mindset. 

One of the hardest battles to fight is against the mindset of others. While many have gotten into their mind that legacy technology is bad and should be eradicated, many leaders realize that this simply will not happen. 

What Do Mainframes Have to Do With Bank Innovation?

It may seem strange that a conversation about innovation would involve talking about the oldest IT system still used today. However, mainframes play a huge role in what’s holding banks back and not for the reasons you might believe. 

Here Are Some Real-Life Examples of Bank Innovation. 

We’re not just hypothesizing about what might work. Many of the largest banks, insurance companies, and government agencies are already using tools to support the integration of their mainframe in the alignment of the broader IT stack. Here are a few examples. 

Here Is How Open Banking Smartbridge Quickly and Easily Aligns Your Mainframe.

Our President, Steve Hassett, demonstrates how quick and easy our no-code, drag and drop tool is at aligning your mainframe with the rest of your IT strategy. 

Curious About Open Banking SmartBridge?

Learn how to easily connect your core systems to secure API open banking standards, fintechs and other third-party systems with Adaptigent’s Open Banking SmartBridge.

What can Adaptigent do for You?

We’d love to discuss your mainframe needs. We can help you maximize your technology investment to go from legacy to leading edge.