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Mainframe Modernization

Businesses that value customer experience invest in the power of APIs. By connecting internal systems and applications, companies can share data and services more efficiently and create new customer-facing applications that are responsive and engaging.

Modernize with APIs

In our tech-hungry society, staying competitive means adapting to change and embracing innovation. Mainframe modernization is a strategic imperative for businesses seeking agility, scalability, and relevancy.

APIs enable organizations with mainframes to:

  • Free their data and functionality
  • Enhance users’ experiences
  • Boost efficiency and agility without changing the environment

Modernize Mainframes with API Orchestration

Adaptigent is the leading provider of API integration solutions for mainframe modernization projects. Organizations face unique challenges in updating infrastructure and ensuring the power of existing mainframe applications. APIs play a pivotal role in this transformation by bridging the gap between legacy mainframe systems and modern architectures. APIs act as digital glue, connecting diverse systems, applications, and platforms.

By exposing mainframe functionality through APIs, you can simplify and automate processes, enable self-service capabilities, and accelerate time-to-market for new services and innovations.

Extend Mainframe Applications

If you bought an expensive new car and learned the next day that you needed a different new carc to have the features you want, you’d be mad. But if you could keep your current car AND receive all the features and updates, it’d be a win-win.

The same is true for companies relying on mainframe computers. With APIs, businesses can extend their existing COBOL and/or PL/1 applications using modern programming languages and platforms. This gives you companies the benefits of modern platforms while maintaining the relevancy of older legacy applications. There’s no need to transition off the mainframe to run modern applications.

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Adaptigent’s Adaptive Integration Fabric