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Integrate disparate core systems quickly and get back to business

Core Systems Integration is Hard

When companies merge, integrating core systems is an immediate concern. They must deal with shifting IT complexity inside the company’s walls—such as numerous systems, networks, applications, and databases. Finance, human resources, and IT departments may face incompatible systems and misaligned data formats. The downstream effects of poorly planned integrations include disrupted business operations, waste resources, and diminished employee morale.

Orchestrated APIs Make it Easier

But there’s an efficient and easier way to enable systems to talk to each other post-merger – and requires no new hardware or programming. Adaptigent APIs simplify the complexity of connecting disparate core systems. A no-code, drag-and-drop interface allows even non-technical users to quickly build APIs for systems to share data and interact with each other. And with a more robust data picture, your business can make better decisions and improve operations, returning to business faster. All in a fraction of the time it takes to write a program from scratch.

Client Success


A US-based global airline




Post-merger, an airline needed to move aircraft maintenance logs from a manual paper and green-screen process to one that connected data in real-time from mainframes to mobile-ready tablets.


Adaptigent’s Adaptive Integration Fabric

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