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Power real-time data exchanges with API integration on IBM z/OS

Businesses that value customer experience invest in the power of APIs. By connecting internal systems and applications, companies can share data and services more efficiently and create new customer-facing applications that are responsive and engaging.

Seamless digital experiences

Are mainframes still relevant in a digital landscape? The answer is a resounding yes! Banking, finance, healthcare, insurance, utilities, government, and many other public and private enterprises employ IBM z/OZ as the foundation of their modern businesses (1). Because, in short, nothing matches the processing power of a mainframe. But the z/OS was not designed to respond to data requests at the speed of modern demands.

Far from making mainframes obsolete, this opens new opportunities. API integrations reinvigorate the usefulness of data so your business benefits. You keep your significant processing power and add fast, responsive data exchange capabilities.

Unlocking the potential of your IBM z/OS systems through API integrations means your business:

  • Stays on your mainframes – there’s no need to transition off. Keep your existing systems as they are and access data in new ways.
  • Makes zero changes to your mainframe -APIs exist outside the mainframe, so no one interferes with programming or code.
  • Experiences seamless connections – APIs facilitate the seamless connection of z/OS applications with modern systems, accelerating development cycles and driving digital transformation.
  • Simplifies your operating environment – delivering reduced risk, decreased time to market, decreased quality assurance time, decreased cost, and decreased time to integrate core systems.
  • Delivers enhanced customer experiences – Exposing z/OS services through APIs enables personalized and seamless experiences across digital channels.

For example, a German automobile manufacturer wanted to connect internal mainframe systems with their website. Next, they extended the integration to handheld devices used by dealers on the showroom floor. Dealers now provide real-time information through APIs. Customers and dealers don’t realize they’re interacting with legacy systems, and mainframe programmers don’t know they’re talking to modern apps. API integration with their mainframe allowed two different data sources to communicate seamlessly.

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