Don’t Let Perfection Become the Enemy When Modernizing the Mainframe

by | Jul 29, 2020

Mainframes are the scapegoat when companies are trying to modernize their business processes. C-level executives often think simply ripping and replacing these legacy systems will solve all their problems and create a clear path to innovation.

However, legacy applications are often custom-written for the company’s specific business needs and replacing them proves to be difficult, causing innovation to stall to a standstill.

In a recent Forbes article, GT Software president Steve Hassett discusses a better way for financial service companies to modernize.

“By strengthening integration, companies unlock agility and institutionalize the ability to try new innovations,” explained Hassett. “Rather than splitting resources to replace existing applications, you can focus on innovation and developing new capabilities faster.”

In fact, a global bank used our integration tool to enable its mainframe to call to external systems in order to become the first bank in France to facilitate an instant payment.

Mainframe modernization is a difficult process and there is no perfect way to do it. By utilizing the strength and stability of the mainframe and integrating it with new capabilities, companies can successfully modernize their legacy systems and accelerate innovation.

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