Kicking the Tires on Mainframe Evolution

by | Nov 16, 2022

Mainframe. The word conjures up visions of computer rooms in the 1950s, with men and women in lab coats and thick-framed glasses. A different time. Another era.

Today, we assume our technology products will become obsolete within a decade. That TV you bought 10 years ago? Not smart enough anymore. Your mobile phone? Upgraded every two to three years. Digital transformation comes for us all.

And yet, like the Ford Mustang, introduced in 1964, mainframes continue to prove themselves relevant to both the present time and the foreseeable future. In fact, Ford rolled out an all-electric Mustang in 2021, the Mach-E. Mainframes remain the reliable, secure backbone for governmental organizations and large, data-intensive industries such as banking, insurance, and utilities, as they have for decades. But they are also evolving and adapting to the needs of the present moment.

The Modern Mainframe

Mainframe technology has advanced far more than their image would suggest. For example, mainframes no longer rely exclusively on COBOL, as they are compatible with LINUX, Python, JavaScript and C++. And that iconic sports car referenced above? Today’s version has also evolved, with updated technology delivering more features and functionality.  Similarly, companies with mainframes expect more, with data and applications available on multiple platforms without barriers to convenience or performance.

Solution providers in the mainframe understand the need to make “big iron” a more seamless player in the modern business ecosystem. These providers enable seamless integration and orchestration of the mainframe’s mission-critical applications and transactions, so that organizations can power their operations with better, faster data delivered where they need it, when they need it, on the desired device.

At Adaptigent, our solutions lead the drive to update the mainframe thanks to decades of mainframe product development. We provide no-code, drag-and-drop tools that allow you to continuously adapt to changing business needs and proactively participate in a real-time world with seamless access to mainframe transactions and data. You can make the mainframe a productive partner in the ongoing digital transformation revolutionizing how we work and play. New tools will take you beyond green screens to provide familiar, intuitive interfaces to complex tools and programs across platforms.

The Mustang is a mid-20th century classic that still plays well in 2022, thanks to updates that take on the newer competition. Maybe it’s time to test drive your mainframe. You might be surprised at the performance available from an enduring classic.