Unifying Enterprise Applications: The Power of Cross-System Data Access

by | Feb 5, 2024

In the dynamic industry of contemporary business, the integration of various technologies is crucial for seamless operations. The cornerstone of delivering a cohesive experience to customers and users lies in the ability to access data from any application, regardless of where that data is housed.

Adaptigent products like Fabric Data Hub and Adaptive Integration Fabric offer simplified data access and management, code-free SQL queries, bidirectional integration, and inbound/outbound calls to the mainframe, all without requiring technical expertise in applications or data sources. By successfully integrating applications, your tech stack can serve as an invaluable asset rather than a liability. 

system applications merging and integrating data.Throughout our interactions with various clients, we’ve witnessed diverse industries harnessing this capability to achieve remarkable results.

Client Successes: Maximizing Potential


An e-commerce enterprise employs various applications for inventory management, order processing, and customer relationship management. By developing integrations that synchronize data across these platforms, they can provide loyal customers with exclusive discounts and promptly notify users in real-time when an item is out of stock. 

Healthcare Data Management

A healthcare organization operates with data dispersed across multiple systems handling patient records, diagnostic tools, and billing procedures. They enable patients to access lab results and update personal information, while also facilitating doctors’ access to lab results and the ability to input billing notes. This ensures that each system can efficiently access the necessary data tailored to its user base. Bidirectional data access guarantees seamless integration among these disparate systems, streamlining data transfer and enabling efficient management of patient information while ensuring compliance with healthcare regulations. 

Manufacturing Process Optimization

A manufacturing company, navigating various data sources across production lines, supply chains, and quality control, harnesses these capabilities to facilitate real-time integration for ordering supplies. This initiative effectively minimizes delays and enhances the overall efficiency of the manufacturing process.

Financial Services for Seamless Transactions

In the financial sector, where secure and fast data access is paramount, a bank has implemented these capabilities to establish seamless fraud protection measures for every transaction. This involved not only leveraging internal data assets but also engaging with third-party data services in real-time to detect and prevent fraudulent activities. 

Retail Chain Operations

Retail chains operating across multiple outlets and utilizing numerous systems for inventory, sales, and customer data can optimize data transfer and aggregation processes, leading to enhanced inventory management and customer service. 

Education System Integration

An educational institution sought to navigate student information systems, learning management systems, and administrative databases to enhance the class registration experience for students. The capability to present degree requirements, financial information, and current progress facilitated a streamlined process, resulting in reduced class changes for students. 

Empowering Transformation Through Data Integration

From these examples, it’s evident that Adaptigent’s Adaptive Integration Fabric and Fabric Data Hub (formerly known as ViaSQL) stand out as game-changers. These robust tools transcend conventional limitations, providing irrefutable value for any business aiming to seamlessly connect multiple applications into one cohesive entity.

With their ability to streamline data access, simplify integration, and enhance operational efficiency, Adaptigent’s solutions empower organizations to unlock new potentials and drive sustainable growth throughout the progression of their business.

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