Mainframe Integration for Manufacturing

We understand that modern manufacturing is all about more. Coaxing more value from existing resources. Enabling not just more manufacturing intelligence but stronger supply chain visibility and collaboration. And your network is constantly expanding, with new distribution channels putting additional pressure on your team every year.

While leadership is focused on driving additional revenue, improving compliance reporting and improving customer experiences across channels, your IT teams are tasked with getting the most out of existing resources and in-place systems to ensure quality and accuracy across all business processes while simultaneously supporting new distribution channels.

With growing demands to align your systems to today’s agile and fast-paced development environments, you can’t afford to be hampered by integration complexities or the struggle of finding scarce programming resources. Now is the time to power your teams with a better solution — the ability to deliver modern processes and applications…all from your mainframe.

Modern Manufacturing Management

Thanks to Ivory by GT Software, mainframe integration is easy to both build and maintain. Operating within a no-code, drag-and-drop environment, Ivory seamlessly integrates with today’s leading systems to handle the complexity of your legacy environment while you modernize.

Want to utilize your mainframe for agile development or discover how legacy technology can accelerate process management? Check out how much Ivory can save you in the process. 

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