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For more than 35 years, Adaptigent has helped some of the world’s largest companies unleash their core systems.

The Best Mainframe Integration API Software is Here

Adaptigent’s mainframe integration, and API builder, has the automation you need to maximize your core systems at lightning speed. Our knowledgeable team works directly with you to ensure your mainframe inbound, and outbound, API integration is flawless. Even if you’re faced with approaching deadlines, know that our service experts can accelerate implementation without sacrificing quality. We do in days what takes your developers to do in months.

Transition Your Mainframe from Legacy to Leading Edge

Whether you want to improve customer experience by offering easy mobile and web access to key applications, streamlining business performance, or achieving better business intelligence, our services team makes mainframe integration simple.

Adaptigent’s Adaptive Integration Fabric fully API enables your mainframe and other core systems:

  • Systems Integration
  • Mobile Enablement
  • Business Performance
  • Data Integration
  • Data Orchestration
  • Date Caching
Adaptigent's mainframe integration tools

Frequently Asked Questions when Integrating Your Mainframe

Q:  How long has Adaptigent been providing mainframe integration services?

Adaptigent has provided integration services for over 35 years.

Q:  What advantages do your integration services provide?

Adaptive Integration Fabric provides top-quality solutions to modernize and leverage existing IT investments, all without the use of coding. This makes integration easier and less expensive than other solutions.

Q:  What hurdles do customers face when integrating?

The biggest hurdle we see is not having the project properly scoped. That’s why our integration services team works closely with you to ensure that all your needs are identified and addressed.

Explore Our Integration Suite

Today’s organizations are rapidly driving digital transformation initiatives to deliver unsurpassed customer experiences and powerful IT efficiencies. For large enterprise, the existing mainframe holds the key to unlocking their digital future – if they can integrate the platform with internal and external environments. It’s what analyst firm IDC terms the Connected Mainframe. And the results can be staggering.

Adaptive Integration Fabric

With Adaptigent’s integration solution, Adaptive Integration Fabric, you can bring new capabilities to your existing technology. Designed to work across a variety of programming languages, Adaptive Integration Fabric combines drag-and-drop capabilities with a no-code platform to provide a truly effortless integration experience.


ViaSQL enables distributed clients or mid-tier services to access data via standard SQL. Secure, reliable, and performance-driven, ViaSQL meets the most critical application deadlines to deliver in record time.

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Our industry expertise is truly what sets us apart. Explore the Adaptive Integration Fabric case studies below and see for yourself.

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