ATLANTA, GA – April 26, 2023 — Adaptigent is pleased to announce a revitalized partnership with Fujitsu and a commitment by both parties to grow the NetCOBOL market. Adaptigent is the exclusive global reseller of Fujitsu’s NetCOBOL product, and this partnership renewal marks an important milestone in the companies’ efforts to develop innovative products and provide exceptional customer service.

“Adaptigent is pleased with the longstanding commitment and partnership it shares with Fujitsu,” said Steve Lopez, CEO of Adaptigent. “We look forward to continue serving the COBOL market for years to come via this relationship.”

As part of the renewed partnership, Fujitsu has committed to playing a more active role in product development. With Adaptigent’s deep understanding of the industry and market trends along with Fujitsu’s software expertise, the organizations are confident that NetCOBOL will become a leader in the compiler market.

To demonstrate the commitment to the product and the relationship, Fujitsu has delivered a new product roadmap. The roadmap contains a number of major features that improve product interoperability and compatibility, and ultimately make NetCOBOL more capable and valuable for customers. The companies plan to release these new features and make them available to users in phases, starting next quarter and continuing throughout the year.

“We look forward to continue serving the COBOL market for years to come via this relationship. Fujitsu is committed to the NetCOBOL mutual client base and values its strategic partnership with Adaptigent. Our development road map is set for all work to be completed no later than the end of the first quarter of 2024,” said Mr. Echigo, Head of Application Management Division in Fujitsu’s Software Open Innovation Business Unit.

“Fujitsu is our oldest and most trusted partner, and the upcoming product releases show both parties are still fully committed to each other and our mutual client base,” said Lopez.

Adaptigent’s renewal with Fujitsu is part of a larger partner initiative that Lopez and his new executive leadership have undertaken this year. “We recognize that strong partnerships are critical to support the rapid growth we are expecting in 2023 and beyond,” said Lopez. “Solidifying the Fujitsu relationship becomes the foundational building block for finding new ways of extending our capabilities and driving customer value.”


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