In order to deliver the most effective and unparalleled mainframe modernization tools, we are constantly updating and improving our products. We are proud to announce Ivory Service Architect 6.4, which improves usability and enhances functionality for API automation. The release of Ivory 6.4 includes several advancements related to OpenAPI Service Enablement for IMS- and CICS-based applications.

Enhanced Dynamic Array Processing

Ivory 6.4 features new dynamic array processing which improves performance and functionality for multiple applications. For PL/I applications, Ivory leverages the REFER syntax, and for COBOL applications Ivory now supports UNBOUNDED arrays in addition to the existing fixed and variable array support. By making array size dynamic rather than fixed, less memory is used and applications run faster.

“Arrays typically need to be sized for the worst and largest case, which is very inefficient. It’s like ordering an Uber and not being able to specify the vehicle size until your passengers get in the car,” said Don Spoerke, GT’s product evangelist.

Ivory 6.4 also delivers a new metadata layout that provides the called service with additional details about the data flowing between Ivory and the COBOL/PL/I applications. This leads to enhanced processing of the response data areas when using the Ivory callable service API. The GIICALZ API entry point now provides an API call to collect the Response data after processing the initial metadata response. This allows the application programmer to control how they allocate the response data areas for dynamically sized response areas.

Command Line Interface (CLI) Wizards

New Ivory CLI and wizard functionality automates the creation of Ivory callable services, which access external OpenAPI REST-based services. The CLI process creates an executable service allowing COBOL and PL/I applications to interface with internal and external cloud based services without the need for the Ivory Studio development IDE.

A new wizard allows you to import an OpenAPI document and instantly create a REST API. This complements Ivory’s current ability to import WSDLs to create SOAP APIs.

Expanded OpenAPI Document Support

The GT Software development team is committed to enhancing the Ivory Service Architect Studio with major support for the OpenAPI specification. Ivory now supports several new data types for JSON based services and the OpenAPI import seamlessly bridges JSON, COBOL, and PL/I data types. The OpenAPI import natively supports URI path and query string optional parameters on the new REST client service node, supporting services hosted on Ivory or other REST-based service providers.


Ivory 6.4 provides integrated support for imported PL/I structures based on VARYING and VARYING4. In addition, the enhanced OpenAPI import support provides optional creation of VARYING / VARYING4 structures based on the minLength and maxLength OpenAPI element attributes.

We are proud to work closely with key technology leading clients to provide innovative solutions based on easy to use technology. We will continue to work diligently to provide customer driven enhancements to maximize the value of Ivory for mainframe integration.

If you are not an Ivory customer and want to learn how we can provide a truly effortless REST and SOAP API creation and integration experience, click here and learn how we can transition your mainframe from legacy to leading edge.