ATLANTA – June 23, 2021 – GT Software today announces the company’s relaunch as Adaptigent. After 35+ years as an established presence in the industry, the company’s new branding, leadership and corporate structure reflect the organization’s mission to empower innovation within the modern digital ecosystem and facilitate growth and transformation of the company to better serve customers.

Adaptigent, which is trusted by more than 1,000 enterprises worldwide, makes core mission-critical systems first class participants in the modern digital ecosystem. The company’s products, including the flagship Adaptive Integration Fabric, empower innovation by delivering real-time, business ready data, simplifying complex IT environments and enabling sustained adaptability for its customers.

“Looking at the challenges of today’s CIO, it was increasingly apparent that as an organization we needed to put ourselves in a stronger position to deliver progressive enterprise IT solutions that rapidly transform the way our customers innovate,” said Alex Heublein, President of Adaptigent. “We began making changes, both within our leadership structure and product architecture, to more completely support technology leaders who want to remove barriers to innovation. From there, Adaptigent was born. We look forward to helping make the complex look as simple as possible for today’s tech leaders.”

The company’s new corporate ownership and investment structure is optimized for innovation and growth, with a leadership team capable of driving growth and delivering to the market. Last year, the company announced Dr. Alex Heublein as the new President and Todd Walcott as Chief Revenue Officer to start the journey to Adaptigent. Today, Bob Eustace joins as Chief Technology Officer and Ashley Watson will serve as Chief Financial Officer.

“We’ve structured a world-class organization to make ourselves more nimble and better able to respond to the needs of our customers,” said Adaptigent CEO Neal Ganem. “We’re happy to now bring Bob and Ashley on board, who are both accomplished leaders and are critical additions to our executive team as we take the next step forward.”

Adaptigent’s new product architecture includes:

  • The Adaptive Integration Fabric enables users to rapidly connect to modern IT ecosystem with core mission-critical data and transaction systems in a seamless fashion. Utilizing a patented no-code, drag-and-drop environment, non-programmers can rapidly develop sophisticated interfaces to highly complex legacy platforms without in-depth technical knowledge of the applications and data sources they are accessing.
  • Adaptigent’s Business Ready Data Platform allows for quick development of real-time data interfaces to difficult-to-access, mission-critical legacy data sources in a fraction of the time required by traditional methods. Using our patented data workflow engine, users can not only access complex data elements from multiple sources, but also combine and transform these elements into any format needed.
  • The Adaptive Process Automation engine enables rapid builds of sophisticated workflows to automate legacy system processes that are repetitive, time consuming, and inefficient. This allows for cost reductions and resource reallocation, so companies can continue innovating, and reduces the error rates traditionally associated with highly manual processes. The heart of the Adaptive Process Automation solution is a patented set of workflow and integration capabilities that give you a true no-code, drag-and-drop solution for process automation.
  • Intelligent Transformation Adaptigent’s Intelligent Transformation Platform helps to rapidly re-platform mission-critical legacy applications to a cloud environment without modifying the underlying code base. The platform combines a world-class COBOL compiler with sophisticated transaction processing capabilities to enable a seamless transition to a modern computing environment. Code can be maintained in its original form – eliminating the need to retrain existing developers for an entirely new environment.
  • Adaptigent’s Intelligent Caching Engine enables organizations to store data from highly repetitive requests to core systems in an external high-speed, in-memory cache. Not a traditional data cache, it allows non-programmers to quickly and easily specify data elements that are cacheable and set cache expiration policies that are appropriate for the types of data being retrieved. It also has the capability to pre-emptively refresh the cache with known cacheable data during low-demand periods to further offload processing during peak times.

 Adaptigent focuses on empowering the adaptive, intelligent enterprise, embracing change, solving business’ legacy crises, and more. The firm plans to unveil additional products to further support their customers’ digital transformation journeys in the coming year.

About Adaptigent

Adaptigent empowers organizations to unlock the potential of their core systems to enable enterprise-level innovation. The company’s products, led by Adaptive Integration Fabric, help IT organizations provide real-time, business-ready results by creating a dynamic, no-code layer that allows modern applications to access the full treasure trove of data trapped on legacy systems. Built on a 35+ year history of digital transformation expertise, it is trusted by many of the world’s largest companies — BNY Mellon, Nationwide, Lockheed Martin and Caterpillar — to accelerate their IT modernization efforts.