Move Micro Focus RM/COBOL® to NetCOBOL®

Proven track record. Extensive compatibility. Clear future.

With a complete line of Micro Focus® RM/COBOL® replacement products, extensive compatibility, and innovative migration and modernization features, NetCOBOL offers a seamless transition plan and a stable path forward for RM/COBOL users that is backed by a dedicated team of COBOL experts. Organizations are converting applications from Micro Focus® RM/COBOL®  to NetCOBOL for many reasons:

  • To gain the advantage of a COBOL development and deployment model without rewriting or retraining
  • To improve ROI and dramatically lower COBOL licensing costs
    • As an ISV, increase your product profit margin and remain competitive in today’s marketplace
    • Decrease product costs to your end-users
  • To support a wide range of data access options and capabilities
  • To natively integrate with leading Web and application server technologies

Maintain and modernize COBOL applications with a true business partner

Why continue to face steep annual COBOL software license fees and License Verification Audits, when NetCOBOL delivers powerful and more affordable alternatives?

With technology from NetCOBOL, you can move to an innovative COBOL platform with lower TCO, a solid roadmap, and numerous options for GUI maintenance and modernization — all backed by a dedicated global support team.

The NetCOBOL Product Family Includes:

NetCOBOL for Windows

Create standalone COBOL applications and COBOL components for use with Microsoft® visual tools on Windows 10, Windows 7, Vista, XP, Server 2008 R2, Server 2008, and Server 2003 R2.


Drastically reduce costs, boost performance. Move your apps to the cloud and free your legacy code from the mainframe with NetCOBOL for .NET.

NetCOBOL for Linux

Access COBOL applications through sleek GUIs written in modern programming environments. Connect COBOL to Linux to create a flexible, future-proof enterprise system.

NetCOBOL for Solaris

Fujitsu NetCOBOL® for Solaris is a complete COBOL development suite – compiler, runtime libraries, and debug tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the move to NetCOBOL so easy?

A full range of RM/COBOL replacement products, extensive compatibility, innovative migration features, and phased transition options.

What makes the move to NetCOBOL so worthwhile?

NetCOBOL offers powerful COBOL functionality at a low price, with no runtime fees. In addition to offering functionality at a low price, NetCOBOL can handle the migration of RM/COBOL® graphical applications to a more flexible operating environment. With NetCOBOL, there are no charges for upgrading to a new release with a valid support contract.

What RM/COBOL® features are handled by NetCOBOL?
  • NetCOBOL supports the majority of RM syntax as is, including legacy features such as COMP-6 data items.
  • RM code can be run through ReFocus facility, which automatically translates any unsupported syntax.
  • ReFocus also translates DISPLAY/ACCEPT code into equivalent code that supports the Flexus SP2 GUI interface product.
  • Screen Section code is also supported by the translator
  • SP2 code can be run in standalone, Thin Client and Web Client/X web browser modes.


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