Mainframe Integration for Healthcare Institutions

Healthcare has its challenges, particularly in the realm of data management. The industry is faced with pressure to constantly enhance the patient experience while improving medical care. But in addition to delivering state of the art applications and data flow, IT developers within the hospital and healthcare organization environment are tasked with a staggering challenge: the need for advanced data portability and security.

In order to drive proper and timely treatments, manage huge volumes of patient information and keep up with industry security demands, EHR systems need to be organized and easily accessible across critical systems in the IT mix – a task that is particularly difficult in mainframe-based environments. And adding insult to injury, organizations tempted to replace existing technology with new systems often face prohibitive costs and limited gains.

To achieve the best ongoing solution, it’s more important now than ever to focus on data interoperability that will allow EHRs to be actionable for patient care and operations records to be kept up to date. This means finding ways to integrate the secure and powerful legacy technology with modern application development platforms. To get it right, your data solution needs to be cost-effective and easily implemented without relying on a predominance of mainframe code.

A Clean Bill of Health for Your Mainframe

Thanks to Ivory by GT Software, modern mainframe integration is not only a possibility, it’s your reality. Operating within a no-code, drag-and-drop environment, Ivory seamlessly integrates with today’s leading systems, including Epic and Cerner, to provide the agility your IT team demands and the functionalities your end-users desire.

If you’re looking to utilize your mainframe for nimble app development or figure out what your legacy technology can do for user-friendly process management, check out how much Ivory can save you.

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