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The latest releases confirm compatibility with CICS TS V5.5

Atlanta, December 20, 2018— Adaptigent (GT Software), a leader in mainframe modernization, today announced the release of ASSIST/TS Version 8.2.1. ASSIST/TS enables users to deliver multiple document data types to a 3270 mainframe application—not just text-based windows— improving their screen-level or field-level help systems support.

They have also announced the release of BMS/TS Version 8.6.4. BMS/TS, the latest and most powerful screen generator for CICS and Transaction Server, produces, edits, and maintains 3270 “green screens” (BMS maps) for mainframe-based applications.

GT Software has long been a strategic Business Partner of IBM and these latest releases of ASSIST/TS and BMS/TS have both been certified compatible with CICS TS V5.5, which IBM released last week.

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