Upcoming webinar will highlight a new solution for migrating to a more modern, cost effective platform

GT Software, the distributor of Fujitsu NetCOBOL®, in conjunction with its partner Flexus, will host an upcoming webinar about its new joint solution for migrating Micro Focus Dialog System.  This presentation entitled, “Break Free from Micro Focus Dialog System Constraints,” will address the pain points that current users experience from this older, proprietary platform.

GT Software’s Principal Technical Architect, Walter Sweat and Flexus’ President, Bob Wolfe will demonstrate how easy it is for Micro Focus System Dialog customers to migrate to an agile development environment.  By moving to a more flexible platform, existing users will not only experience a more robust development environment, but will also eliminate costly COBOL runtime fees by using Fujitsu NetCOBOL to compile COBOL code.

According to Sweat this new migration solution operates by, “utilizing Microsoft WinForms, to support the automated conversion of the client’s Micro Focus Dialog System-based application using C# and WinForms for the user interface components.  Then Fujitsu NetCOBOL is used for converting the back-end COBOL application.”

“With this new solution, the Dialog System components, Dialogs, and Dialog Code, are actually converted to WinForms and C# along with a small piece of managed COBOL code to allow communication between the existing COBOL and the new C# code.  All Dialog System components, including screen sets, Dialogs and Dialog Code, are eliminated,” explained Wolfe.

This webinar presentation is scheduled for Tuesday, November 15th at 2 PM Eastern.  Visit the webinar event page to register.

GT Software and Flexus also have solutions to help existing Micro Focus customers who are not using Dialog System to migrate to a new platform.  Contact GT Software to learn more about these solutions.


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Flexus provides low-cost, automated COBOL conversion tools and migration services.  As a Global Partner with Fujitsu’s Application Modernization Center, Flexus helps make COBOL migration easier with their powerful and reliable COBOL programming tools and automated services.  For more information, visit www.flexus.com.

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